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AIBF Financial Supporters

AIBF is grateful to all financial supporters for their generous support of our mission and goals to promote literacy in Nassau County

Book Festival Sponsors

William Amos, Sr. Foundation

AEL Family Foundation
Rayonier, Inc.
Jack and Charlotte Roberts
Pat and Bob Stichweh

Michelle Baldacci
First Federal Bank of Florida
Rod and Betsy Odom

Sylvia Derrick
Mark and Marie Fenn
Rosemary and Gordon Hart
Bruce and Barbara Heggenstaller
Jim and Suzie Hocker

Institute for Enterprise, Inc.

Monahan & Todd Wealth Management
Steve and Jerri Sell
WestRock Company

Book Festival Members

First Edition Club

Michelle Baldacci

Brenda Carr

Joelle Crahay

Maureen Dunn

Sharon Elliott

Paige & Robert Foery

John Giffin

Mary Jane Hayes

Barbara and Bruce Heggenstaller

Jeff & Shelley Hirshberg

Adele Holmes

Peggy Lee

Judy Myler

Elizabeth Odom

Susan Nelson

Patricia Stichweh

Crawford & Barbara Ward

Larry Williams and Mary Jane Johnson

Classics Club

Lee Bailey

Roger and Debra Bell

Missy Burke

Alison Caxide

Allison Crisp

Mark and Marie Fenn

Lisa Finkelstein

Pam Hart

Janet Hild

Suzanne Hocker

Eileen and Keith Meyer

Kristine Ochu

Pamela Park

Anne Read

Kathleen Ross

Kim Sartor

Frances Shea

Best-Sellers Club

Claudia Allen

Sharon Altmeyer

Andrea Alvardo

Paul Andrews

Rose Baugh

Michelle Bees

Martha Blalock

Nancy Blanton

Pete and Nancy Bowyer

Linda Caginalp

Susan Comfort

Robin Cormier

Fredrika Cox

Beverly Davis

Cathy DeCou

Suzanne Delaney

Stephanie Denkowicz

Mary Elwell

Gretchen Espinetti

Kathy Fieler

Barbara Flor

Pamela Fox

Charles and Kathy Hernicz

Virginia Kearney

Susan Kosciulek

Deborah Lehman

Meghan Maranto

Suellyn Masek

Kathy Maxa

Joanne and Philip Nieman

Kay Otter

Robin Pullen

Anne Adair Sanders

Penny Sansbury

Kathryn Sjuggerud

Wendy Smith

Mary Kaye Soriano

Steve and Ellen Stark

Carol Stephens

Rod Sullivan

Kathy Tompkins

Mary Trino

Sarah Wiley

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