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T. M. Brown

Book Title:

The Last Laird of Sapelo

Author Bio:

Retired since 2014 from the 9-to-5 life, T. M. Brown, simply Mike to friends and family, embraces his Georgia heritage. He recalls his childhood when on many warm Sunday afternoons his father drove the family beyond Stone Mountain to his Great-Uncle’s farm on the then dust-filled, red clay back roads of Snellville, GA, Mike fondly recalls the bite of barb-wire pasture fences, sipping cool well-water from a ladle, and getting scrubbed in a washtub near the front stoop of Uncle Kerry’s and Aunt Monk’s old farmhouse. Today, Mike and his wife Connie live below Atlanta near Newnan, Georgia. He has published the three-book Shiloh Mystery Series: Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories (Jan 2018); Testament, An Unexpected Return (March 2018); Purgatory, A Progeny's Quest (February 2022). His fourth book is a historical novel, The Last Laird of Sapelo, August 15, 2023 by Koehler Books.

A common theme throughout all his stories stems from the truth his pop and poppa exemplified and taught him while growing up in Georgia and Florida. “The testament of a man lies not in the magnitude of possessions and property left to his heirs, but the reach of his legacy long after his death.”
He is a member of Atlanta Writers Club, Southeastern Writers Association, Broadleaf Writers Association (Atlanta), and American Christian Fiction Writers Association, and founding President of Hometown Novel Writers Association (Newnan, GA). He is a board member of the Newnan Carnegie Library Foundation, Newnan, GA.

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