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Jill Clark

Book Title:

Where Do Balloons Land?

Author Bio:

Jill Clark authors the award-winning, humorous, educational poetry books for children Loose Balloons and Where Do Balloons Land? Her most recent 2022 Gold Award earned in the Catch-All Category Unpublished for the Florida Writers Association's RPLA Contest. Her book Where Do Balloons Land? has since published with Taylor and Seale Publishing. Both books have accompanying art-and-writing Zoom activities presented to public and private schools. Her books can be found on Amazon and her website (as well as with related gift items for kids) under "Catalog": Jill hosts SCBWI's regional online critique group for Volusia County, Florida. Her recent prose and poetry can be found in The Pine Cone Review, THEMA, The Tiny Seed, The Henry David Thoreau Institute, Hedge Apple, The Indian River Review and Tall Grass Writer's Guild.

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