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Robert Allison

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Bob Allison is well known locally for being responsible for the redevelopment of the Fernandina Beach downtown waterfront in the 1980's. Replacing the previous Fernandina Beach Welcome Station with Fernandina Harbor Marina and Brett's restaurant was his vision. The company he created, Centre Street Waterfront Group leased the City's waterfront and acquired all of the necessary permits and private financing and grant money to build both the restaurant and the marina. The project added enormous prosperity to downtown without costing its' taxpayers a single penny. Fernandina Harbor Marina is nationally recognized as being one of the most important marinas in Florida. Bob followed the completion of this project by overseeing the development of nearly 20 residential neighborhoods. Throughout these projects, he pioneered many of the tree saving procedures that more than a decade later became the basis for many of the rules and regulations in the Amelia Island Tree Ordinance. The neighborhoods he created are distinctive in that the old growth forests remain intact. In his tree work he went on to build and manage the largest irrigated pecan orchard and citrus groves in Nassau County. The annual crop of citrus fruit produced at his Sandy Point estate is donated to local charities and food banks. Redencion is one of five books that Bob has written and it typically receives 5 out of 5 stars from all that read it.

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