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Greta Muller

Book Title:

Opening Your Presence (Presenting the YOU, You Want Others to See)

Author Bio:

Greta Muller had extensive experience as an actor and spokesperson before transitioning to working as a presentation coach and consultant, but it is her warm personality, exuberance and passion for authenticity that has made her a treasured trusted advisor and popular public speaker. As a performer, she did everything from live theater to radio, television and movies, but she is most recognized as the beloved Miss Manners from the popular Barney, yes that purple dinosaur, movies and television show.
After almost 20 years in an industry she loved, Greta felt a call to move to the other side of the camera, and began working with broadcast professionals, coaching on-air talent at every television network and over thirty local affiliates. She then took her expertise into the corporate world and private sector. Greta has influnced speakers in Fortune 500 companies, assisted start-ups and boutique agencies and mentored everyone from high school students, interns, and senior citizens. These experiences have uniquely positioned Greta to help others better connect with themselves and their audiences for any presentation. Because she’s been there and done that herself, she knows about nerves and insecurity and how to overcome them.
She shares her unique methodology in Opening Your Presence, which is written with humor, wit and plenty of true stories. Her mission is for people of all ages to overcome their focus on misguided fears and distractions, so they can shift their direction from these negative diversions to who they are and what they want to accomplish. Her aim as a writer and coach is to help people harness the power of their most authentic selves, to be outstanding and the best they can be so their audience and company (or mission) benefits.
Greta lives in New York City, where she enjoys live theater and music. She embraces the city’s array of cuisines and settings, but most of all, she relishes dinner parties as an expression of love, bringing together new and old friends, family and food!

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