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Authors in Schools Program

Authors in Schools Program

What kind of literacy program can truly engage and excite young readers? AIBF’s Authors in Schools (AIS) program not only aims to put a book in the hand of every student in Nassau County, Florida, but also place the book’s author right in front of them in their own classroom or school auditorium.

We invite those authors who write for children and young adults to consider applying for consideration as an Authors in Schools presenter set for Friday, February 17, 2023.  We urge all applicants to read the instructions carefully and adhere to our requirements. An Authors in Schools presenter MUST be available for the entire day, and present to as many students, sessions or classes as the school may require during the hours of 9 am to 3 pm. 

Authors selected for the program include New York Times best-selling authors and award-winning authors of note. Each year, authors present to more than 13,000 students at Nassau County public schools, five volunteer pre-kindergarten programs and private schools.

Through event ticket sales and the generosity of sponsors, donors, and members, AIBF has purchased books for each of these students! AIBF is grateful to school representatives for coordinating their participation, and to the authors, donors and volunteers who make it possible to bring a stimulating, personal educational experience to every student in our community.

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