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2023 Author in Schools Author

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Bill Borg

Book Title:

Myrtle the Loggerhead Turtle

Author Bio:

By engaging students through this magical story children are introduced to a key species, their life cycle with an educational component at the end that engages the student in the process of "how I can make a difference".
The Myrtle in this story is based on a real loggerhead sea turtle, one of seven species that are all endangered. She is famous for laying more eggs in more nests (clutches) in more years in the coastal Lowcountry than any other turtle.
Sea turtles have been on the planet for over 80 million years! Myrtle herself was likely born 70-90 years ago and has been traveling the Atlantic and visiting this area ever since. She probably weighs 300 pounds and is at least 3.5 feet long.
If you’re a loggerhead sea turtle, you generally lay eggs every three to four years. You bury about 120 eggs in four to six nests per season. But if you’re Myrtle, you lay up to 150 eggs in up to eight nests every other year!
Science (DNA analysis) tells us that Myrtle has many daughters that also come back to nest. We hope to find her granddaughters nesting in seasons to come.

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