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2023 Author in Schools Author

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Mike Crowder

Book Title:

Wild about the Alphabet! (and Other Tales)

Author Bio:

Although already a darling of smart folk everywhere, it wasn't until his actual birth in 1963 that Mr. Crowder began to meet with any popular acclaim.

He was raised in scenic Rat Town, Florida...

In a barn...

By wolves...

Or maybe, apes...

Mr. Crowder's advances in the science of rocket surgery cannot be ignored. He is older'n God, has an itchy spleen, and a disposition that can only be described as "odd."

He and his fabulous wife, Gwen, currently live somewhere in the Southeast, with his dogs, Bo and Luke.

In Rat Town.

Or maybe somewhere else.

His only regret in life is that it took him so long to find his lovely and VERY capable wife, Gwen.

Find him on the interwebs at

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