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Anniversary Stories: Celebrating 20 Years: Enriching Lives with Literacy

Like many festivals and events that have had to cancel or scale down normal activities in the face of the COVID-19, Amelia Island Book Festival made the decision to cancel the 2021 public events. This was especially difficult, because the year represents our festival’s 20th anniversary.

With a grand celebration not possible, AIBF has sought alternatives to continue its strong connections to the community while maintaining safety. One very special and appropriate way we can recognize this milestone is by sharing our stories and remembrances of past events, and our hopes for the future.

Today we begin a series of writings on our blog, starting with a story of how AIBF began, penned by one of the original founders, Don Parker, from his book 88 is Great.

We hope you’ll enjoy this first story, and watch for others under this heading over the next few months.


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