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2022 Short Story Writing Contest

Congratulations to the 2022 Winners!

2022 Short Story Winners

In 2022, students were asked to submit original works of 500 to 1,000 words based on the theme, a Rudyard Kipling style "Just So Story."   Entries represented Middle and High Schools throughout Nassau County, as well as the Florida Virtual School (the state’s Internet-based public high school).

Judges awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for high school and middle school students. They also awarded finalists in those categories for entries worthy of honorable mention.

High School

First Place:

Cade Fasel, How Man Stood, 11th grade, Fernandina Beach High School

Second Place:

Kiawa Dempsey, Why Can’t the Penguin Fly?, 12th grade, Fernandina Beach High School

Third Place (Tied):

Betty Elliot, How the Frog Came to Be, 10th grade, Fernandina Beach High School

Gannon Kassab, How the Pangolin Got Her Scales, 11th grade, Hilliard Middle-Senior High School

Middle School

First Place:

Lindsay (Lin) Hoffman, How the Python Lost Its Legs, 8th grade, Yulee Middle School

Second Place (Tied):

Sarah Fouraker, Why Willows Weep, 7th grade, Florida Virtual School

Brooke Nobles, How the Komondor Got Its Fur, 8th grade, Yulee Middle School

Third Place:

Brielle Carty, How Did Anteaters Come to Be?, 7th grade, Yulee Middle School

Best Ending & Most Creative Topic:

Lila Kirk, How the Headless Horse Came Alive and Ran a Restaurant, 8th Grade, Faith Christian Academy

Best Local Story:

Soren Cantu, How the Shrimp Got Its Pink, 8th Grade, Yulee Middle School

Honorable Mentions:

Paxton Bachicha, How Trees Got Their Leaves, 6th Grade, Hilliard Middle-Senior High School

Ciara Jorif, How Sloths Became So Lazy, 7th Grade, Yulee Middle School

Tanner Sprik, How the Dachshund Got His Length, 7th Grade, St. Michael Academy

Thank you all for your participation!

We look forward to next years Short Story Contest!

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